WDB Composition

Aiken County (8 positions)
Catie McCauley
Vacancy - Education
Lessie Price
Kim Matthews
Dee Crawford
Laura Haffly
Brian Smith
Deborah White
Allendale County (2 positions)
Donella Robinson
Darainey Hudson
Bamberg County (3 positions)
Teresa Hannibal
Donald Parler
Dr. Renee Ritter
Barnwell County (3 positions)
Marshall "Marty" Martin, Jr.
Jeanette Murray
Jeff Martin
Calhoun County (1 position)
M. Pat Black, Jr.
Donna Elmore
Vacancy - Private Sector
Orangeburg County (5 positions)
William "Billy" Reynolds, Jr.
Curtis Randolph
C W "Bill" Welch
Kenisha Grimes
Vacancy - Private Sector

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Nomination Forms
If you are interested in serving on the WDB in one of the categories listed above, please have the appropriate Nomination Form completed by a nominating agency and email it to the address provided on the form.

Community Based Organization Nomination Form

Econ Develop Nomination Form

Education Nomination Form

Organized Labor-Union Nomination Form

Private Sector Nomination Form

Public Employment Nomination Form

Public Welfare Nomination Form

Vocational Rehabilitation Nomination Form

PY 2017 Programmatic Monitoring Schedule

November 2017
April 2018

Dates will be made available ahead of schedule

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