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The CSBG Program is designed to assist low-income families through activities and services that strengthen their capabilities and help in the transition toward self-sufficiency. Two primary services are provided. Households must be income-eligible and meet other program requirements in order to receive assistance through the CSBG Program.

The General Emergency Assistance is intended as an intervention in numerous crisis or emergency situations such as housing, medical, energy-related crisis, emergency child care, and other family care needs. Usually, assistance is provided only once per program year (program is operated based on the calendar year).

The Housing/Family Services Project is designed to assist eligible applicants to access or maintain affordable housing or to address other family crisis needs such as prevention of eviction or in establishing permanent housing if there is a threat of homelessness. Additionally, assistance can be provided to connect utilities or prevent termination of utility services. Case management, information and referral services and supportive services are provided for families in order to assist further in their movement to self-sufficiency.

The agency provides emergency energy-related assistance through the Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program intended to prevent eligible households from losing heating resources or purchasing needed fuel. During the summer assistance is provided in order to prevent termination of electricity. Emergency Cooling assistance can also help income-eligible persons with a documented medical condition to purchase a room air conditioner.

The Community Action Agency operates other community service programs including: Head Start, Foster Grandparent Project, Retired Senior and Volunteer Program, Weatherization, and employment and training programs. For information about the Community Service Block Grant Program or other program activities Aiken residents can call (803) 648-6836.

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