Youth Programs

This program helps out-of-school youth ages 16-24 acquire employment so they can be self-sufficient. They are provided opportunities for:
Job readiness skills
Occupational skills training
Individualized or group counseling
Career planning assistance
Interviewing skills
Communication skills
up to 140 hours of Work Experience opportunities

Job Corps
The Bamberg Job Corps Center and the Lower Savannah WIA Youth programs are co-enrolling youth participants. Co-enrollment occurs when two agencies/programs/funding sources enroll and serve the same individual concurrently or sequentially. The objective of co-enrollment is to broaden the service and placement support needs. Furthermore, co-enrollment allows the partners to share credit for program outcomes.

Job Corps is a comprehensive education and training program for disadvantaged youths ages 16-24. The Job Corps program offers students the opportunity to enroll in basic education and GED classes while they receive vocational training in many areas. Job Corps training is self-paced. Job Corps also gives women the skills to be self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Contact your local SCWorks Center for further information and eligibility requirements for any of these programs.

PY 2017 Programmatic Monitoring Schedule

November 2017
April 2018

Dates will be made available ahead of schedule

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