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The CareerOneStop Web site, www.careeronestop.org, is a single point of entry for all of the resources in ETAs suite of electronic tools. The content is organized by customer (job seekers, students, businesses and workforce professionals). The content is further organized around a set of information centers and services (e.g Explore Careers, Education & Training, Salary & Benefits, Job Search, etc.). CareerOneStop also includes the Service Locator, a gateway to access state and local resources including locations of American Job Centers (http://www.servicelocator.org). CareerOneStop (www.CareerOneStop.org) includes tools to help job seekers explore careers, investigate salary and benefit information, research education and training opportunities, plan a job search and browse job sites, write and improve resumes and cover letters, prepare for a job interview, and search for jobs. In addition, the CareerOneStop Web site provides links to workforce and labor market information Web sites that contain local information resources and tools.
Virtual Job Fair info
Labor Market Info - SC DEW
SC Workforce
USDOL On-Line Resource - mySkills myFuture
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Common Exit Presentation

WIOA Local Plan July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2020

Training Clusters

Sector Strategy Matrix

Central Region Team Roster

SC Works Centers Contact/Location Information

LSWD Supporting Documentation

PY 2016 Statement of Work (updated)

Internal Procurement Policy

On-the-Job Training Handbook

IWT Policy

Participant Lifetime ITA Cap

Updated Federal Income Guidelines

Memoranda of Understanding

LSWDB Bylaws

LSWD Board & Committee Meeting Schedule

Lower Savannah Operating Budget PY16

MOU attachment A: WIOA Required Services

MOU Attachment B: Lower Savannah SC Works Partner List

PDF Resources (under revision)

What is WIOA? brochure

Menu of Services brochure

Regional WIOA Brochure

Approved Training Clusters

TEGL 8-15 Second Title I WIOA Youth Program Transition Guidance

TEGL 10-16 Performance Accountability Guidance for WIOA 121916

TEGL 14-08 and Change 1

TEGL 15-10

TEGL 16-16 One-Stop Operations Guidance for American Job Center Network 011817

TEGL 17_05 with Attachments

TEGL 17-01 Ch1

TEGL 17-05 Ch2

TEGL 19-16 Guidance on Services through Adult & DW Programs under WIOA 030117

TEGL 21-16 Third WIOA Title I Youth Formula Program Guidance

TEGL 23-14 WIOA Youth Program Transition

WIOA Young Adults Brochure (Youth)

Regional Youth Resource Manual

Child Labor Laws

Lower Savannah Local Plan

Transportation Services of the Lower Savannah Region

2017 Youth Incentive Payment Schedule

PY 2017 Programmatic Monitoring Schedule

October 2017
April 2018

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